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Summer, 2015


Students will develop web pages using the underling scripting languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Emphasis will be on the syntax of the languages, rather than the use of graphical editting software to build a skills foundation for more advanced techniques.

In addition to the scripting languages, students will gain an understanding of the applications architecture of the Web including an overview of its history and standards.

The semester will be concluding with a section on WordPress that will show how the developers used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create the worlds most popular blog tool.

No previous computer programming or web development skills needed. However, an interest in technical details is important.

Learn to build effective web pages with:

Fullfills UNO degree requirements:


Ken Walsh (kwalsh@uno.edu, 353KH)

The complete syllabus and calendar can be found in UNO's Moodle system

This online class has required in-person activities as noted on the calendar.

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Management Information Systems Group

Department of Management and Marketing

College of Business

University of New Orleans